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Massage in diabetes : body to body massage in mahipalpur delhi +91 9999487640

Who would have thought that diabetes can be controlled in such a pleasant way! Judging by some reports, the massage can reduce blood sugar levels in the 1.5-3.5 mmol / l or more. Nothing is more relaxing, massage, relaxation and relieves stress hormones with their hyperglycemic effect. In addition, massage stimulates blood circulation, which in diabetes is often poor. In short, this is not just nice, but in the full sense of wellness treatments.

It is advisable to do a professional massage. To loosen usually used is not a classic, and the so-called Swedish massage. Given the potential hypoglycemic effect of the procedure, notify the masseur that you have diabetes, and keep it handy something sweet. If you take insulin, be especially careful after injection massage can speed up its entry into the bloodstream, triggering a sharp drop in blood sugar.

If there is no opportunity to use professional services, ask for help from family and friends. Or make yourself a mini-massage yourself. In any case, use the special massage lotion or oil, better flavored. In a study conducted at the University of pc. New Mexico (USA), the level of blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes significantly declined after six weekly sessions of stress management, which included massage of fingers, hands and head. This massage is quite possible to do yourself.

... Grasping the left hand index finger of his right hand, rotating movements massage in the direction from base to tip. Do this 2 times each finger (except the thumb) of the right and then the left hand.

... Hold your left hand over the right forearm so that the thumb of the left lying directly under the right palm rest, and drive them from the wrist to the elbow. Then turn right hand and massage as the back side of the forearm. Repeat with the other hand.

... Press the tips of four fingers (except the thumb) of each hand to the crown and pressing, making them a circular motion.

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